Recruitment Test

Most recruitment companies tell us that their websites don't work and that when it comes to marketing they're overwhelmed by choice.

We set-up this short test, to help them discover where the weaknesses are in their strategy and help them on the road to dominating their markets. Now we're offering it to all of our website visitors for free.

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    Total Score

    Benchmark yourself against high performing businesses.
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    Do you understand your clients, candidates and what you are offering?
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    Do you have a pitch, message and mission?
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    Does your brand communicate your niche and values?
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    Are you known and respected in your market?
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    Do you have a strategy for attracting clients and candidates?

Drawing on 20 years experience in websites and marketing I have developed a simple and engaging system that helps recruitment business become dominant in their market. This test is the first step and will help you achieve phenomenal clarity.


  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Completely free
  • Receive a 7 page report tailored to you outlining ways you can improve