Your web designer is killing your business (part 3): They don’t care about your brand


Your company's branding is never more visible to your clients and potential clients than it is on your website, but lots of companies are content to stick their logo in the corner, their colours in the background and use stock photos of people they’ve never met or buildings they’ve never entered. How does this provide an authentic representation of your business? How does this help your business to stand out in a competitive marketplace? Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Did your website designer sit down with you, take the time to understand your ideal clients, their ideal candidates and advise you on how your brand should be tailored online to speak to these people?

  • Would your website designer tell you if he thought your branding no longer reflected your business?

  • Did he learn about your company’s personality and make sure this was reflected in the elements of your website design?

  • Did your website designer help you craft a mission statement and a value proposition? If you already have these did she question whether they’re still relevant to your changing business?

  • Did your website designer design and brand your social media pages too? These are as much a part of your online brand experience as your website is and should be treated in the same way.

  • Did your website designer understand that you and your team are as much a part of your brand as your logo and corporate colours? People buy people not logos, pretty fonts and nice colours – does the quality and energy of your team speak through your website?


So how did your website designer do? Did he pass or fail? Let’s be fair to him for a second, did he fail because he was on a tight budget or was he just not up to the task? If you think it’s time to craft an online brand that is an authentic reflection of you and your business, that will attract your ideal clients and speak to your perfect candidates a good place to start is by taking our test now.