Your web designer is killing your business (part 2): They don’t understand your business


Building a new website can be a powerful exercise in business clarity but only if your website designer takes the time and has the right processes in place to truly understand your business.

Your designer doesn’t know the right questions to ask.  Your designer isn’t a business consultant but to deliver a website that attracts clients the right questions need to be asked – this requires an understanding of business and marketing.

Expects you to know your business, products and ideal clients intimately. Not every successful business owner knows all of this – a good designer should ask these questions and help their client to provide thorough and accurate answers.

Expects you to do most of the work. Most web design companies will ask you what you want and then deliver it as quickly as they can – they won’t tell you what you need and they won’t help you understand your market and customers.        

Doesn’t care about your future business objectives. You’ll get a website for the company you have now, not the company you want to be.

Doesn’t have a system in place for making sure that the right questions are asked. You might find yourself having an informal chat about your business and the website you want – ask yourself, is this because your designers really knows their process or are they making it up as he goes along?

Doesn’t allocate enough time in the process to get to know you. This is the most important part of the web design process and it needs to be thorough – it isn’t possible to really understand a client’s business in an hour or less!

Most website design and development companies have been founded by either a designer or a geek – they care about how pretty your website is or how well it functions technically. They rarely take the time to understand your business needs – this should be the first step in the website design and development process and means that your website will fail at the first obstacle.

For us this is the CLARITY stage of our 5-step system. Our clients find it a very rewarding part of the process and often come away with a better understanding of their business.

For our clients getting clarity starts with taking our test – if you’d like to uncover the weaknesses in your marketing and website strategy take our test now.


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