Does your website developer have a plan or are you going to be abandoned at sea?

I have a confession to make: I’d rather be sailing than building your website. The similarities between making a safe passage and managing a successful project are many.

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Is your website all jam before cream?

Last week my family and I spent a glorious week in Devon. There is nowhere more wonderful than Devon at Easter, the hedgerows were exploding with life, new born lambs cavorted around the fields, and cream teas with clotted cream fresh from …

Confused dear? Is your message damaging your recruitment business?

In my experience one of the biggest mistakes companies make with their websites is to assume that visitors will take the time to understand what their business is about, but in reality you have their attention for 15 seconds

Your web designer is killing your business (part 3): They don’t care about your brand

Your companies branding is never more visible to your clients and potential clients than it is on your website, but lots of companies are content to stick their logo in the corner, their colours in the background and use stock photos.

Your web designer is killing your business (part 2): They don’t understand your business

Building a new website can be a powerful exercise in business clarity but only if your website designer takes the time and has the right processes in place to truly understand your business.

6 ways your web designer is killing your business

Your current website designer is failing you and at best providing just half of the service that your business needs to succeed.

Most recruiters think websites don't work - they're wrong!

Your website is the front door to your recruitment agency. If people open it and they don’t like what they see, they will leave without ever looking back. Unfortunately, most recruiters are not aware of the power of a website and nail the d…

10 Things Every Recruitment Website Needs

It could be argued that a professional looking recruitment website is like a newly renovated office. Get it right, and you’ll be eager to invite candidates and clients. Get it wrong, and you’ll turn prospects away.

7 Reasons Why a Lack of Clarity Is Damaging Your Growth

When you’re not clear on certain aspects of your business, it’s going to prevent you from taking the necessary actions that are going to help you to grow. Without clarity, your company moves from place to place like a ship without a rudder,…

5 reasons your recruitment website isn't catching clients and candidates

Your online presence is there to raise your profile and attract targeted clients and candidates. But what if your best efforts aren't working?

What is the best lead magnet?

Without a lead magnet most visitors to your website will leave never to return, but which lead magnet is best?

Technical requirements - make sure your website developer gets the basics right

A new website is a big investment and there is a lot to think about. Technical decisions and specifications can make the decision even more complicated, but there are some things so basic that every website designer should get them right as…

Lead generators and why your website needs one

What percentage of visitors to your website send you an email or call you? What would it be worth to your business if you could double that number?

You've built it but they're not coming? Don't be a victim of the field of broken dreams

Faith is something that all entrepreneurs need in abundance, but unlike Ray Kinsella we can’t afford blind faith – our faith needs to be rooted in reality.